Global K Co., Ltd.
Seeking to realize only one product development!

Based on the technical know-how gained from running a beauty academy for many years, we developed a core ingredient called ‘Hwasongjiljeong’ for cosmetics with the need for the development and development of high-functional core raw materials.

Based on research and development that requires highly advanced technologies such as natural water extraction, secondary separation refining, and synthesis, GlobalK, an agricultural corporation, is different from others and is building price and technological competitiveness.

Based on the technology to extract, separate and refine natural substances in an eco-friendly way, GlobalK, an agricultural corporation, is developing healthy cosmetics raw materials.

The goal is to develop products that can satisfy skin health while pursuing beauty.

Based on our efforts to develop valuable chemical materials, cosmetics, and products, we will pursue our goals.

Thank you.

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Business relationship with global brands through customer-centered management and quick response to market changes through years of know-how

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Advanced research personnel and research facilities, From Lab Scale to Pilot Scale, he best quality for your customers’ needs