Global K Co., Ltd.
Seeking to realize only one product development!

Research equipment and facilities related to natural product extraction and cosmetics are rational
and innovative product development based on natural product extraction, separation refining,
and synthesis through diverse research and development and analysis of customer needs and
product characteristics.We are aiming to achieve one and only product development.

In addition, we are developing upgraded products to improve and compensate for sampling
problems and to realize better products, and we are doing our best to secure competitiveness
by quickly responding to strategic research development and the global market.

Core Technology

New Concept of Natural Extracts

Development and manufacture of high quality natural water extraction and separation refining

cost-effective product

GlobalK technology boasts outstanding cost-effectiveness based on the combination of Natural + Synthesize + Herbal Medicine.
1.Natural-Material-Separation Technology and Manufacturing Know-how to Extract Valid Ingredients from Natural Materials to Secondary
2.Protein-Peptide Synthetic [protein-peptide-synthetic] technology and manufacturing know-how

Product Research Field


It is a development product that procides nutrients to the skin with cream, oil, and toilet water, which are the basis of cosmetics, and provides the best quality that maintains gloss and moisturizing.


We have developed products that help scalphealth such as shampoo. conditioner, and hair tonic that provide hair cleaning, nutrition, and gloss, and are researching and developing GlobalK’s long-standing technical skills.

Mask pack

We are developing and researching a mask that helps to recover the skin’s condition as it contains nutrients and moisturizing ingredients in a face-shapde sheet, and a clay-type pack that cleans the sebum in the pores and impurities.

Wrinkle improvement

Consmetics that are effective in preventing aging by stren gthening the skin’s ability to regenerate, can be applied rom base to color products just like whitening products.


It is a product that takes care of your hands. feet, and body, and includes body wash, lotin, foot cream, and hand cream.